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ZipPark™ zControl Software
ZipPark’s zControl Software is a complete enterprise-level solution for automated parking revenue control. zControl seamlessly manages data flow among multiple hardware devices (hand-held devices, POS computers, etc.) and offers standard integrations with many parking and POS software vendors for complete revenue and vehicle access control. Our flexible architecture also allows customization to meet your unique site requirements and can integrate with most legacy systems.

The real power of zControl is realized by managers and system administrators who use the web to access our “parking management dashboard” to access a real-time view of your entire gateless parking operation.

zControl Technical Highlights
ZipPark’s zControl software architecture enlists the latest web-services standards to provide both flexibility and unparalleled stability. Highlights include:
• Utilizes the latest Microsoft .NET Software / SQL Server 2005 for stability and reliability.
• Industry standard secure encrypted wireless technology supports real-time two-way communications between the wireless handheld devices, mobile managers and our server to support real-time counts and variable message signage. Our use of Thin Client and Mobile Workstations make remote management a breeze.
• 802.11x Wireless technology with WEP and WPA security for confident mobility.
• Microsoft™ Gold Certified Partner for Business Process and Integration and Data Management Solutions
• Multi-tiered System Administration Security
zControl Flexible Payment Options
zControl offers your parking customers flexible and convenient payment options. From the physical convenience of curb-side transactions in real-time, to web-based pre-payment, when you choose ZipPark your customers will quickly see that you have the most sophisticated revenue control solution available.
• Web Reservation System – patrons print a barcoded ticket at home
• Validation Administration and Reporting. View sample screen >
• Pay Anywhere (self-service kiosks, Point-of-Sale, handheld POS, Web)
• Credit Card Cashiering
• Monthly/Contract Parker Payment Acceptance
zContol Functionality
The following is a list of the key capabilities of ZipPark’s zControl software:
• Hotel, Off Airport, Event, Gateless, Valet, and as an Add-on to Gated Operations
• Flexible Rate Structure Management Module: offers unlimited validations and rates structures such as: by time, dollar amount, customer type, or alternate rate structures.
• Vehicle Location Management: Never lose a vehicle. Manage car locations and jockeys to improve delivery times and overall throughput.
• Ticket and Vehicle Management: Easily customize the information you collect at drop-off and what you want printed on your tickets. Including make, model, color, odometer reading, customer name, estimated return date and time
• Airport Tracking Module: Links the customer’s estimated return with their ticket  to allow staging vehicles for rapid retrieval. 
• Ticket Stub Management– Easily configure the information printed on tickets and number of ticket stubs.
• Event Parking / Pre-Paid Ticket Module
• Multi-language capability
• Occupancy Management and Reporting
• Reader System - Tracks Employee Productivity
• Damage Claims System: uses in-lane cameras to provide vehicle damage tracking to help avoid damage claims (such as dents, scrapes, and missing components) while the vehicle is in your care.
zControl Unique Features
The following is a quick list of features unique to ZipPark’s zControl.
• Print advertising, promotions and facility information on tickets
• Manage services sales: Car washes, detailing, tire rotation
• Vehicle License Plate Driven Customer Data – Entry by License Plate or Account
• Sequential ticket tracking
• License Plate Registration: Allows vehicle/customer information to automatically populate if the license plate is already in the system.
• Flexible Rate Structures: authorized personnel can easily configure all rates and validations from any location w/ internet access.
• Web Based / Real Time Reporting: Access real time reports for one or more locations anytime, anywhere
• Custom Configuration: collect only the information that is pertinent to your operation.
• Efficient Vehicle Retrieval: Print a runner stub indicating vehicle location when patron is ready to claim vehicle.
• Monthly Parkers Plans: Easy to manage individual or corporate plans.
zControl Reporting
ZipPark’s zControl provides powerful and customizable reporting for real-time reports and views of your entire system from any web browser.  Here is just a sample of the reporting:
• Extensive real-time web-based reporting
• Custom reporting available
• Open and Closed Tickets reports
• Occupancy reporting
• Vehicle history
• Valet efficiency tracking
  • Audit reports
  • Car retrieval times from request to delivery
  • Individual cashier/jockey activity reporting
  • Track space assignments and vehicle movement
Standard Interfaces
The following is a list of the companies for which ZipPark has standard APIs or interfaces written – assuring a seamless handoff between the two systems, as well as centralized management and reporting.
• SKIDATA, Inc.™
• Designa™
• Bally's™ ACSC Database
• Ticketmaster,, ParkMobile, ParkWhiz, Paciolan
• Galaxy Lightspeed

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