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[ZP] parking technology: events 


speeds ingress

Cash payments take a long time. Fans locating their wallet, making change, and giving a receipt slow things down. Sure, you have the process down to a science, but the real world often has other plans.

Our system makes payments quick and easy. A one-button tap is all it takes to record a cash payment or take a credit card payment. Validating prepaid passes is even easier...just scan the barcode...and look up VIPs by keying just a couple of letters in their name.

Couldn't be easier or faster!


Cash is inherently risky and costly. It can be stolen, lost, misreported. It needs to be audited, guarded, collected and on, and on.

Our technology reduces cash handling by letting you accept alternative forms of payments, like credit, debit, and prepaid passes. 

reduces cash

real-time visibilty

Gone are the days of waiting until the night audit to get a picture of the day's activity and revenue. No more radioing every supervisor in the field for updates on volume and remaining spaces. 

Now you have real-time information at your fingertips on the health of your game day parking. What's more, you have counts of prepaid passes days in advance of the event to help with planning.


Our live dashboard notifies you instantly if a vehicle enters without payment or any notable event occurs, like the admission of a taxi or emergency vehicle. You have complete control over notifications.

It's an unfortunate reality that there are people out there looking for ways to cheat the system. If you are taking prepaid passes on faith, you are undoubtedly a victim.

It's time to start validating prepaid passes to stop accepting passes that have been counterfeited, reused, or duplicated. 

Our system will even make sure the pass holder is at the right event and lot. 

Don't worry, validating is instantaneous and it even works if you lose your connection. 

thwarts ticket scammers

reduces overhead

Forms, reports, reconciliations, checks, and cross-checks. Auditing an event can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Not with ZipPark!

One button is all it takes to report on all of a cashier's activity. At the end of the event, all cashiers cash out and instantly a summary auditing report is created showing cash, credit, prepaid passes, validations and more. 

Barrier gates slow down ingress. They break, damage vehicles and are ineffective in tailgating situations common in event parking.


They're also unnecessary with ZipPark. Our system reconciles handheld transactions against vehicle counts and shows all activity in an easy-to-understand real-time dashboard. 

Want to know whenever a cashier says they admitted a taxi, Uber or any non-paying vehicle? We do that too.

eliminates barriers

eases VIP handling

Handling VIPs is a critical and very sensitive component of event parking. Without our technology, lists are distributed throughout the property and manually updated, requiring massive manpower and, at best just barely meeting the need. 

ZipPark lets you easily manage hundreds of VIPs and automatically distributes the list to all cashiers. When a VIP is admitted, all other handhelds know about it within seconds to prevent multiple entries and abuse. 


kick off the ultimate fan experience

with speed and convenience

[ZP] event parking


ensure a remarkable start and end to your guest's stay

[ZP] valet parking

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