[ZP] parking technology: valet 

technology to elevate your white glove service

hotels & resorts
casinos & venues


  • handles complicated rate structures
  • provides real-time analysis
  • reduces cash
  • flexible
  • reduces false damage claims             


  • optimizes vehicle deliveries
  • tracks keys and cars
  • facilitates up-selling of premium services
  • handles contract parkers            


ensure a remarkable start and end to your guest's stay​

point-of-sale and mobile computers


  • issue tickets, cashier customers and everything in between.
  • you can run an entire valet operation on a single pos or mobile computer or as many other components as needed.
  • mobile computers let you greet customers at their door.
access control devices


stop using inferior RFID cards and track each time a vehicle is parked, moved, or pulled, including the attendant.


pay stations


eliminate cashiers and improve the efficiency of cashiering.


key room monitors


  • helps you manage vehicle locations and delivery requests.
  • tracks when vehicles are requested, and when deliveries are started and finished, providing actionable statistics. 
vehicle request via text


have customers' vehicle waiting and warmed up by allowing them to text ahead for delivery.




accept reservations from many online sources


delivery monitors


set your customers' expectations for delivery of their vehicle.


works with other parking systems

eliminate cashiers by using full-featured pay stations to take cash and credit card payments. operate valet services outside or inside self-park garages.


mobile devices



operates below freezing and above 100F.


rain and snow resistant.


integrated high-speed
barcode scanner

works in complete darkness and bright sunlight.

works from any angle and long distances.



drop tolerant.

damage resistant.


excellent battery management

removable, rechargeable long-life batteries.


multi-bay chargers.


desktop tablets


easy-to-use touchscreen
point-of-sale computers.


lightning fast


works with a world-class barcode scanner, integrated locking cash drawer, and high-speed receipt printer.


supports hard-wired,
wi-fi or cellular connections.


great for



hotels, resorts, casinos

hospitals and medical centers

metro garages

office buildings 





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