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make a great first impression with fans

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ZipPark's event parking management system is a comprehensive solution consisting of mobile point-of-sale computers and world-class, proprietary software.

If your event parking operation only accepts cash, you are missing an opportunity to provide conveniences and services your fans demand, like credit card payments, tap-and-go cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, plus prepaid pass validation, support for team apps, and VIP handling.


  • speeds ingress
  • reduces cash
  • real-time visibility
  • thwarts ticket scammers

  • easy to master
  • eases VIP handling
  • reduces overhead
  • eliminates barriers

close-up of fans cheering

kick off the ultimate fan experience

with speed and convenience

track all transactions in real-time


import hundreds of names with the click of a button.


add names easily as game time approaches.


all devices have up-to-the-minute VIP list for instant lookup.


just type a couple of letters to find a VIP.


prevents multiple entries.


multi-bay chargers.

credit & PIN debit

authorizes in 5 seconds or less.


EMV (chip cards).


Apple Pay, Android Pay,

tap-n-go cards.


point-to-point encrypted.






reduced PCI scope.

prepaid passes

instantly validate passes from many online ticket sellers.


one-button tap to record a cash transaction.

fans intently watching a game


woman holding a tablet
proprietary ZipSync™ technology ensures accurate information
at all times

works offline

Real-time information, from the sale of a prepaid pass to the entry of a VIP to vehicle counts, demands the best syncing technology, only available with ZipSync from ZipPark.

No connection? No problem. Continue working without skipping a beat. When the connection recovers, all activity is automatically synced.

we work with other
parking systems


Closing loopholes in multi-use facilities is one of our greatest strengths. With our PARCS integrations, keep the gates down on entry and exit, ensuring every patron pays.

  • train in 15 minutes
  • one-touch transactions
  • reduces attendant mistakes
  • prevents misuse
cars in a parking lot

automates flat fee pay-on-entry parking operations


mobile devices

world class devices
from zebra

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operates below freezing and above 100F.


rain and snow resistant.

integrated high-speed
barcode scanner

works in complete darkness and bright sunlight.

works from any angle and long distances.


drop tolerant.

damage resistant.

excellent battery management

removable, rechargeable long-life batteries.


multi-bay chargers.

desktop tablets

easy-to-use touchscreen
point-of-sale computers.

lightning fast

works with a world-class barcode scanner, integrated locking cash drawer, and high-speed
receipt printer.

supports hard-wired,
wi-fi or cellular connections.

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great for

stadium and parks

coliseums and concert venues


state fairs

ski resorts

amusement parks


pop-up events


info sheet

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our raving fans

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[ZP] valet parking

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ensure a remarkable start and end to your guest's stay

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about us

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