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[ZP] parking technology: events 

touchless event parking

COVID-19 has thrown everyone a curve. Event parking operations are no exception.


ZipPark is proud to support the efforts of venues across North America in reducing the risk of transmission with our exclusive touchless event parking technology. Here are all the ways we help protect your employees and fans...

contactless payments

Although we've supported contactless payments for years, now it's more important than ever.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and tap-n-go cards are all supported. The fan simply places their phone or card near the payment device and moments later they're on their way!

Plus, our implementation of Transafe's point-to-point encryption (a.k.a P2PE) makes payments as secure as possible.


With our support of all major online ticket sellers, fan ingress couldn't be quicker or easier.

The fan simply presents their barcoded pre-paid parking ticket or print-at-home pass to the cashier and a one-button scan instantly confirms the validity of the reservation. We'll make sure it's not expired, already used, or for a different event, all in the blink of an eye.

Ticketmaster,, ParkWhiz, SpotHero, and Parkmobile are all supported, to name a few.

pre-paid reservations

team apps

Use your team app to get your brand in front of fans as soon as they get on property!

With the fan's parking pass in your team app, gaining access to the venue is simply a matter of scanning the pass on entry.

You have complete control over the fan experience!

For the ultimate in speed, convenience and social distancing, equipment your lanes with ZipPark's in-lane scanners.

Fans can easily scan their parking ticket, print-at-home pass, or barcode in the team app. Our system instantly validates the pass and notifies the fan that they are authorized to enter.

Works with or without gates!

unattended lanes


Give your VIPs the treatment they deserve.

Simply ask their name, look them up, and mark them as admitted.

No touch. No radios. No waiting. 


kick off the ultimate fan experience

with speed and convenience

[ZP] event parking


ensure a remarkable start and end to your guest's stay

[ZP] valet parking

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