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[ZP] parking technology: valet 


reduces false damage claims

Use the built-in high-resolution camera to document pre-existing damage.

Allow customers to text ahead or use a vehicle request kiosk on your casino floor or hotel lobby. Track how long it takes to deliver vehicles.

optimizes vehicle deliveries

tracks keys and cars

The quicker keys are returned, the less chance there is of keys going missing. Our system warns you when keys have been out too long.

Accept credit, debit, checks, and validations to reduce or eliminate cash handling and associated risks. 

reduces cash

upsell premium services

Ppen up new revenue streams by providing services like oil changes and car washes.

Give your contract parkers VIP service with many options for instant identification, including barcoded cards, RFID, and windshield stickers. 

Provides fine control over who has parking privileges and when. 


contract parkers

tackles tough rate structures

Supports early birds, day/night rates, weekday/weekend rates, daily and timed rates, and much more.

Know real-time occupancy and revenue as well as analyze volume by time-of-day and day-of-week and more.

real-time and historical analyses

flexible. works the way you do

Collects as much or as little guest information as needed while enforcing standard operating procedures.

[ZP] event parking

kick off the ultimate fan experience

with speed and convenience

[ZP] valet parking

ensure a remarkable start and end to your guest's stay

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